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Gnarled Smoke

Jack Rose
17 July 1989
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I was born in the wrong time period. Of course, there's nothing to say that, were I to be born in, say, 1935, that I would reject the culture and norms of the sixties and hark back to even more far flung times. I'd like to think that isn't the case. I wrote only what came at the front of my mind in my 'interests' section; there is a lot more to me than forests and dead poets. I value my music more than most other things, but that is not to say that were I given the ultimatum of sight or hearing that I would choose the latter. I just love scenery! The weather is one of the single biggest impactors on my mood. Granted, I'd like to think that I'm mellow most of the time, but occasionally, when I drift into bouts of un-mellow-ness, it's usually overcast. Overcast weather is terrible. I like it when the sun turns red at sunrise or sunset, and it bathes the land in such colour that one almost feels bad for not appreciating it enough; as though i do not have the capacity to fully realise the majesty of the view. That said, I like to capture things. Film, photographs, drawings, anything that I can look at some years down the line and think 'ah, yes, that was a good day'. I suppose, at the end of the day, that's the only real purpose that pictures have to the taker of them. I'd like to cross America at some point in my life, and would not feel fulfilled if I had not at one point. It's just such an amazing country. I'm not one for commercialization, so the cities and large towns hold little interest for me, but the climates and culture and music are all major influences upon, well, all of us, and I'd hate to miss out experiencing that first hand. It has to be said that I like the works of Tolkien. The man created a world! Who can dismiss such an achievement and intricate attention to detail as mere 'geekiness'?! I hate war. And there are very few situations I apply the word 'hate' to, but war deserves it to every degree. There is just no justification, and anyone who is able to think otherwise must have an extremely convincing argument. I'm also agnostic. I don't like to dismiss the existence of a god; rather, I don't feel ready to lay down my life, and indeed, comfort on this earth, in his name when he has left so many questions unanswered; free will be damned, if the catholic god made me, then he would know how my mind works, meaning that he knew I would want some form of proof of him being there. This coupled with him not giving me any of said proof seems to me that he is essentially condemning me to hell without me having any say in the matter.

Anyway! Drop me a line, buddy, I'll be sure to take a shine to you.
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